Europe Golf Holidays

For the widest choice of Golf Breaks Europe and Europe Golf Holidays, we’re the choice to make.   With more countries and destinations than ever, you can choose from family-run inns to grand resorts.  All close to the best golf courses.  All carefully selected and monitored by us – Europe’s longest-established golf holiday company.
The choice comes with value and our price-match guarantee.  However, we don’t take short cuts and we work hard to make sure your golf holiday is a success.

And with the choice and value, comes convenience  - you can choose from dealing with our expert and friendly staff, selecting an Online Set Package at sensational prices or build your own package using our unique golf holiday booking engine.  You can select, book, pay and receive your tickets in a matter of minutes.

Europe Golf Breaks

Europe has more top-quality golf courses than any other continent and we have privileged access to all of them featured in our programmes and a few extra special ones besides.  And it’s not just Championship golf on offer – we’ve got plenty of holiday golf courses and hidden gems where you can enjoy the fairways without challenging your skill too much and experience empty fairways with nothing but great views and your companions for company.

  • Golf Breaks Spain

    Golf Holidays in Spain

    Spain was the pioneer of golfing holidays in the Mediterranean. Now, with well over 400 golf courses, there’s quantity as well as quality to enjoy. We feature the very best courses – even the private ones – and a massive variety of accommodation. And Spain in Europe’s second largest country so you can also choose your …

  • All Inclusive Golf Holidays in Turkey from GolfPlanet Holidays

    Lykia Links Course, Turkey Golf Holidays, Golf Turkey

    Turkey Golf Holidays

    Golf in Turkey grows and grows and grows. From being the newcomer in the “golf breaks in Europe” league little more than a dozen years ago, it’s now up there rivalling Spain, Portugal and France.

    The Turkish advance as a leading destination for a golf break of anything from four days to a fortnight is down to these …

  • Portugal Golf Holidays

    Oitavos Dunes, Portugal Golf Holidays

    Portugal Golf Holidays

    Portugal and golf holidays go together like Rory and McIlroy. They’re made for each other. Hundreds of miles of Atlantic coast – from the usually gentle shores of the Algarve to the sometimes towering waves between Cascais and Porto. Plus a year-round climate nigh perfect for golf. Plus a variety of great courses. Plus …

  • French Golf Holidays

    Golf National Paris, France Golf Holidays

    French Golf Holidays has provided expertise and value for golf holidays in France since 1982. With hundreds of hotels and over 100 golf courses throughout France, we have the choice and destinations to suit you. At the best rates you can find... Anywhere.

    We consider ourselves the experts when it comes to finding the VERY BEST FRENCH GOLF …

  • Belgium Golf Holidays

    Royal Ostend, Golf Holidays Belgium

    The old joke about naming five famous Belgians was long dead even before Vincent Kompany and Eden Hazard came to play football in England – because golf in Belgium has been a famous holiday destination for the British since Willie Park, Tom Simpson and Harry Colt designed courses there a century or more.

    For the travelling golfer, no foreign …

  • Canary Islands Golf Holidays

    ABAMA, Tenerife, Canary Islands Golf Holidays

    Canary Islands Golf Holidays

    Here at GolfPlanet holidays we know a bit about the Canary Islands, well to be specific we know about golf holidays in the Canary Islands. Whether its a Fuerteventura golf holiday or a weekends golf in Tenerife we can help you find the best deal to suit your needs.

  • Italy Golf

    Poggio Golf, Tuscany, Italy Golf Holidays

    Italy is well known as one of the most extraordinary countries in the world. And golf used to be a “hidden gem” for those in the know. Until recently, golf courses were orientated towards the local elite and well-to-do families so they never promoted their existence or their excellent quality. However, with new courses and …

  • Cyprus Golf Holidays

    Elea Golf

    Cyprus…The Year Round Island

    Golf holidays in Cyprus are now perfect for everyone – from serious golfers to warm-weather players. With two top-class courses – Elea and Aphrodite Hills - and two very pretty holiday courses – Minthis Hills and Secret Valley, there’s plenty of golf all within easy access. And the golf courses surround the …

  • Malta Golf Holidays


    Malta is on the up with clients seeking its charm, mild climate and easy access. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has history and style in abundance.

    Valletta is the 2018 European Capital of Culture and it’s easy to see why: rich military history, medieval cathedrals, fantastic shops and avant-garde architecture including …

  • Bulgaria Golf Holidays

    Lighthouse Golf Resort, Bulgaria

    The borders of Bulgaria are defined by the Danube, the Black Sea and Greece and Turkey to the south.   Its climate varies a lot with Alpine influence in the north and the warmth of the Mediterranean in the south and around the Black Sea to the east.  There are two distinct golfing regions in Bulgaria:

    • Cape Kaliakra  & …

  • Greece Golf Holidays

    Costa Navarino

    Greece, with its islands, is a hugely popular tourist destination thanks to its perfect climate, pristine beaches, incredible history and scenery and, increasingly, because of its world-class hotels.

    And now Greece can boast one of the most exciting golf resorts anywhere…Costa Navarino. Costa Navarino is located in the Greek region of …

  • Switzerland Golf Holidays

    Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland Golf Holidays

    Switzerland Golf Holidays

    Despite all the mountains and the agriculture, there are more than 50 golf courses in Switzerland and we rate five of them as very, very good indeed.  All welcoming you to our Switzerland Golf Holidays

    Switzerland is a natural paradise for active holidaymakers

    With four official languages, no fewer than 450 …

  • Andorra Golf Holidays


    Nestled in the Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France you will find the holiday gem of Andorra.

    Andorra is only 468 square kilometres and has a population of around 65,000 inhabitants. That's less people than there are in Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium every week, so no crowds to avoid.  With its lovly moutain peaks, it is also …

  • Austria Golf Holidays

    Zell am See, Austria Golf Holidays

    Austria Golf Holidays

    Just two hours from London, we offer the gorgeous city of Vienna and alpine golf on often empty fairways.  Austria is ideal for mixing sightseeing and playing your favourite sport in idyllic scenery.  Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn called Vienna home so, if you’re after culture and inspiration, you’re in …

  • Croatia Golf Holidays

    Kempinski Golf, Croatia

    British visitors to Croatia grew to over 400,000 in 2013. Thankfully, the vast majority of the visitors travel to hotspots like Dubrovnik but the figures show that the welcome, weather and prices are designed to please.We focus on the lush Istria region, famous for its clear blue waters and tranquil bays with medieval villages and the …

  • Czech Republic Golf Holidays

    Czech Republic Golf Holidays

    Czech Republic Golf Holidays

    For a country that’s only been around since 1993, the Czech Republic does a fine job of showcasing an exciting history. Visit our Czech Republic Golf Holidays and see the past becomes real. Castles and chateaux abound, illuminating the stories of powerful families and individuals whose influence was felt well …

  • Denmark Golf Holidays

    Denmark, Frederiksborg Castle

    Denmark Golf Holidays

    Come to our Denmark Golf Holidays and walk along winding cobbled streets, then shop and dine at some of the most exciting places in Europe. Copenhagen’s restaurants have more Michelin stars than any other Scandinavian city.

    Denmark Golf Breaks

    Beyond the capital and the bigger cities, Our Denmark Golf breaks offer a …

  • Finland Golf Holidays

    Vierumaki Golf Club, Finland Golf Holidays

    Finland Golf Holidays

    Come to the "Land of a Thousand Lakes" for your next Finland Golf Holidays.

    Finland Golf Breaks

    Come to Finnish capital of Helsinki and choose from many of it's fine hotels for your next Finland Golf Break.


  • Hungary Golf Holidays

    Polus Palace

    Hungary…The destination to discover!

    Hungary boasts one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities: Budapest, known as the Pearl of the Danube.  There’s fabulous history to explore too...Roman ruins, beautiful churches, stately castles, magnificent palaces (some of which are luxury hotels serving guests from around the …

  • Luxembourg Golf Holidays

    Golf Luxembourg

    Luxembourg Golf Holidays

    Finding Luxembourg on a European map is no easy task - landlocked between Belgium, France and Germany, the world's only Grand Duchy hardly jumps out.

    Once you have been to Luxembourg, however, you'll wonder why the country is not better known, and you'll certainly want to go back again and again. Luxembourg may cover …

  • Netherlands Golf Holidays

    Maastricht International Golf

    The Netherlands, or Holland as it is often misguidedly known, is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Amsterdam’s tulips and its colourful sometimes alternative scene, attracts millions of visitors each year.

    Windmills, canals, bikes and its low-lying land are synonymous with this friendly nation, which seems to be full of …

  • Norway Golf Holidays

    Nottoroy Golf Club, Norway Golf Holidays

    Norway Golf Holidays

    Norway is an explorer’s holiday with golf.  It’s a country of extremes – rugged, beautiful, lively and extremely tranquil…Depending on where you go.  We would suggest you allow at least a week, basing yourself around Oslo and taking in the golf and attractions and then moving to the west …

  • Germany Golf Holidays

    Gut Larchenhof

    Germany Golf Holidays

    Germany, the power house of Europe, also has a softer side.  And that side includes some spectacular scenery and a couple of exceptional golf courses.

    We feature in and around Berlin so you can take in the city and play the best golf courses and also the exciting city of Munich and the astonishing Bavaria and its …

  • Sweden Golf Holidays

    Sweden Golf Holidays

    Sweden Golf Holidays

    Arguably the most successful golfing nation per capital in the world, Sweden has been a golfing nation for over 120 years but the relatively recent success has been staggering.  First tennis, now golf.  But with golf as good as this – and there’s a total of over 400 course to choose from -  it’ …