Being at The Masters in Augusta is on every golfer’s bucket list.  But just why does this Green Jacket event hold such allure?


  1. The Masters is different from the other Majors in many ways. For a start it is the only Major held at the same course every year, creating a steady tourism income for the local area and other golf courses in Georgia.
  2. The Masters is an invitational tournament with a small field.  Champions are invited back every year.  So you will see many of your favourites lining up on the tees, at least for the first couple of days before the cut.   Larry Mize, who won in 1987, is on the start sheet for the 2021 Masters as is Sandy Lyle who won the following year.
  3. As the first major tournament of the year, The Masters represents the first step of each professional golfer’s dream of winning the Grand Slam.

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    The Masters is a bucket list event.

  4. The Masters reeks of tradition. The infamous Green Jacket is coveted as much as the total prize purse of 11.5 million dollars. The jacket was first introduced for members in 1937.  Sam Snead was the first winner to receive a jacket and honorary membership in 1949.  The reigning Masters champion can take it home for a year, then it must be kept at the club. After that you can only wear the jacket at the club.
  5. Last year’s winner chooses the menu for The Champions Dinner. Sandy Lyle opted for haggis, neeps and tatties.
  6. Augusta was founded by New York investment banker Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, one of the best golfers of all time. Renowned golf course architect Alister MacKenzie designed the course, but it probably wasn’t one of his favourites as he was never paid for the work. You can play many of his courses closer to home, including Moortown Golf Club near Leeds.

    Moortown Golf Club, Leeds Golf Planet Holidays

    Moortown Golf Club, Leeds Golf Planet Holidays

  7. The club quickly ran into financial problems and the Augusta National Invitational Tournament, the original name for The Masters, was set up as much needed publicity for the club.
  8. Crowd numbers are restricted. On practice days 30,000 ‘patrons’ are allowed in to watch the players. That number is halved on competition days.
  9. The golf course itself is a sight to behold. The grass is smooth as silk, there are beautiful banks of azaleas and towering pines.
  10. If you manage to get a coveted ticket, walk, don’t run, to your favourite viewing spot. Running is banned so practise your speed walking before you get there, perhaps between shots on your golf course.

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    Speed walk do not run!

  1. Mobile phones are not allowed. Just concentrate on enjoying the spectacle going on right in front of your eyes.
  2. Most players take part in the fun nine-hole Par-3 contest on Wednesday afternoon. No player has ever won both the Par-3 Tournament and the Masters in the same year, which has led to many players deliberately losing the Par-3.

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