Of all the unusual events that have happened in 2020, being hypnotised over Zoom is certainly one
that will stick in the mind – geddit?

After a year of stop-start golf we invited some clients to join us for an hour on Zoom with our
favourite golf hypnotist Steve Woods. The session was to explore how hypnotism could help our golf
games and to have a short spell hypnotised over the airwaves.

In his lovely dulcet tones Steve put us all at rest instantly by explaining that, contrary to everything
you see in TV dramas, you cannot be permanently hypnotised so we would be fine even if the Zoom
link collapsed.

We also learnt that hypnotism is about raising your level of focus and about embedding positive
thoughts in your subconscious, rather than overthinking. Which, as we know on the golf course, can
make your game worse.

Armed with all this knowledge, we all settled back in our chairs to relax into the session with the
specific target of improving our play.

Steve began by asking us to close our eyes and think of a happy place. I’m sure for many people it
was their favourite hole on their dream golf course. It was amazing how, after a few minutes just
envisaging yourself in that environment, your breathing just slowed right down and you could
almost reach out to touch the fairway.

We then moved to concentrating on that aspect of the game we wanted to improve, and it all
seemed so easy and comfortable. There was an overwhelming sense of calmness as you played each
shot in your mind, gradually finding that rhythm that is often elusive on the course. You felt you
were being the best golfer you could be.

But does it work? Well let’s all hope the rain stops and we can get back on the golf course to find

To see a video of the seminar (important note: only listen to the eyes closed section when its safe to close your eyes): https://youtu.be/PO2V-F4rM6o

To go to Steve’s website: https://playbettergolfgame.com/call