Golf holidays don’t seem very important right now but we would like to thank all of our clients for being so understanding and flexible at this time.

Nigel got back from his successful hosted golf tour around Cape Town just before lockdown here and since then we have been busy talking to everyone who was planning a golf holiday this Spring to see how we can help you re-arrange your holiday. One thing is for sure we will all need our holiday after this!

Our thoughts are with our partner hotel and golf courses both here and abroad who are working so hard with us to help with new dates and tee-times.

Generally at the moment availability for late summer/autumn is still pretty good and we are managing to move people to alternative dates with relative ease.

Some people are experiencing price increases when they try to move their flights so we would advise looking at both midweek and weekend travel dates to find the best value.

Like the rest of the UK, and seemingly the world, we have moved to home-working this week which has introduced us to a new world of IT solutions to every problem. We are fully up and running now so please do call us on the usual number 01277 284284 with any questions or even if you just fancy a chat. If we can’t play golf at the moment the least we can do is talk about it.

Hoping you all keep well and safe.

The team at Golf Planet Holidays