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Just 3 1/2 hours from London, Marrakech leads the way for exciting and amazing cities within easy access. And now there's top quality golf to enjoy too.

But Morocco is not a one-city wonder - it boasts amazing culture, scenery, nightlife and the warmest of welcomes. And we're the most expert golf holiday company to take you there - having played all the courses, visited every city and port and resort and marvelled at the incredible attractions. Rabat, Fez, Meknes, Casablanca and Agadir all have their sights and sounds (and golf courses ranging from enjoyable to among the best we've played anywhere).

Food and drink is high on the agenda of most golfers and Morocco does itself proud with a massive choice of eateries - from eating from stall to stall at the markets to two Michelin Star extravagance under the stars at La Mamounia. What's more, we've arranged All Inclusive options at several hotels so no one needs to worry about the "kitty" or their Check-Out bill. Nightlife can be anything you want it to - romantic candle-lit dinners on the roof top terrace of your Riad, a gut-busting buffet and a crazy night out watching the cabaret and then moving on to a nightclub.

Golf in Morocco is on the up with no fewer than 25 golf courses (of which we rate six as very good indeed...Mazagan, Royal Palm, Dar Es Salaam, Mogador, Samanah....two European Tour tournaments, seven distinct golfing destinations, a wonderful climate, great food, a huge variety of accommodations and great prices. We sincerely believe it will replace Turkey as the preferred Autumn through to Spring golf destination as Morocco offers far more choice, better tee times and an incredible flexility when it comes to après golf and dining. All this just four hours from London and with regular flights with the national airline, Royal Air Maroc allowing two pieces of hold luggage per person (so your clubs and suitcase travel for free).

We've visited Morocco on many occasions and have played all the courses and experienced all our hotels and many more. With the quality of golf now on offer, it's the place to go and we've got every piece of advice, the arrangements and the prices to take you there. And if you choose Marrakech, we've even got our own shuttle bus moving around the various golf courses so as to keep down the transfer costs and any waiting times.

  • Marrakech Golf Holidays

    Amelkis Golf Club, Marrakech Golf Holidays

    Marrakech Golf Holidays

    Marrakech has had a long and colourful history since its founding by the Berber Almoravids in 1062. It was the capital of an Islamic empire that reached from central Spain to West Africa and called the ‘Pink City’ because of the colour of the local earth used in its construction. European traders entered the …

  • Atlantic Coast Golf Holidays

    El Jadida Royal Golf Club, Atlantic Coast Golf Holidays

    Atlantic Coast Golf Holidays

    Rabat is the capital of Morocco. It is a city that mixes the past with the very modern - for every place of worship you may pass on your travels,you will also see at least three European style cafes! Smaller than Marrakech, it offers a very strong choice of golf courses.

    Atlantic Coast Golf Breaks

    Morocco must be …

  • Rabat Golf Holidays

    Rabat Golf Holidays

    The capital city of Rabat, is often overlooked but it’s worthy of your time and attention. Sitting on the north coast above Casablanca, there are now regular flights to this historic, charming and lively capital city.

    Rabat Golf Breaks

    Flights take three hours from London, Rabat boasts a very good Medina with food stalls, locals’ shops, red- …

  • All Inclusive Golf Holidays & Morocco Golf Trips

    Marrakech Palais Imperial, All Inclusive Golf Holidays Morocco

    All Inclusive Golf Holidays Morocco

    With the Royal Family of Morocco and its government firmly behind tourism, Morocco is one of the most dynamic and exciting destinations for golf.  With over 40 golf courses, many of which are designed by the likes of Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Trent Jones and von Hagge, you’re assured of good golf. …

  • Golf and Spa Resorts in Morocco, and Weekend Breaks

    Mazagan Beach, Golf and Spa Resorts

    Golf and Spa Resorts in Morocco

    Morocco has pretty much sussed up how to serve luxury – with its French-Arabesque cuisine, stunning and unique architecture and sights, superb attention-to-detail and long-history of herbal and spa treatments, Morocco is the place to go for golf and spa holidays in a hot climate.

    Morocco Weekend Breaks …

  • Example Tour of Morocco

    A Taste of Morocco

    A Taste of Morocco

    Take our four-centre tour of the beautiful and fascinating Morocco. The tour follows the logical route of arriving in Casablanca, moving gradually down the coast and then inland into Marrakech. So you can fly into Casablanca and enjoy the very impressive Mazagan, stay in the stunning La Sultana in Oualidia then down to the …

Morocco Golf Holidays

Things to do and see
• Bab Agnaou, Marrakech
• Shrob ou shouf fountain, Marrakech
• Dar al-Magana (Clockhouse of Fes), Fes

How to get there
Here’s a list of the most convenient ways to get to your holiday destination.
• Several UK airports – Marrakech or Casablanca (4 hours)

Morocco Golf Holidays

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Dear Morgan,

It is a few weeks since we returned from Mazagan, Morocco and this email of thanks is long overdue. All the arrangements went according to plan and we were very pleased with all that you and your team organised. The golf was exactly as you described, with attentive and helpful staff, good playing conditions and a real challenge of golf in a spectacular links setting. The director of golf, Terence, was friendly too! The hotel offers everything we have come to expect in Morocco with great facilities, good food, comfortable accommodation and really professional staff. We were made very welcome and enjoyed our stay. The inclusive package worked well. With renewed thanks and kind regards,