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Room Upgrade

Case of Burgundy & Claret

Handicap Key Credits

Travelling as a group should be a lot of fun and we have 35 years of arranging group holidays so we know exactly what to ask and how to put everything into place.   You can choose to be the point of contact between ourselves and your group or your individual group members can contact us directly and we can send them individual Confirmations and even tailor-make parts of the holiday just for them.   You can also choose which members in your group can access the online Holiday Itinerary details.   And individual members can also pay us one by one.  So you can involve yourself in as little or as much of your holiday as you’d like. 

We receive nett and special rates for all our holidays and these benefits are passed onto you.   But if you travel as a group you benefit even more as our partners in many destinations offer us 1 in 8 free for accommodation and golf.  This, in addition to the lower margins we make on groups, can take about £100 per person off the average cost of a week-long holiday.

And travel as a group of 24 and our prices get even better!   You can either choose to have the lowest price possible, or take the price based on any discounts we receive from our partners and we’ll offer the Group Leader either a free Room Upgrade or a case of Burgundy and Claret.  We can often include a Free “tour meeting and presentation room” at the hotel too.  And whatever you decide to choose, the Handicap Key credit will be yours to spend on your next holiday as you wish.  The Handicap Key works as 1% “cash back” scheme where Group Leaders receive a credit towards their next holiday of 1% of the total holiday spend…That’s £144 from a party of 24 people booking a £600 holiday and you can top up the Handicap Key credit by returning your questionnaire and recommending friends.