Chateau de Cheverny, Golf & History

Golf & History

If you’re a culture-vulture and you love your golf, we’ve got a variety of fascinating and historical places for you to choose.   From war memorials to famous museums, from Neolithic settlements to villages full of art galleries, you can combine your passion for golf and your passion for education.

All the 63 countries we feature are great for golf and most have interesting histories to study and culture to admire.  We can give you the “low down” on each and your holiday information pack includes tourist information to ensure you can plan your visits ahead.  However, here’s a list of some of the finest Golf & History locations around the world – where the history and culture is as fine as the golf.


Chantilly – world class golf and the Chateau Conde and horse museum

Versailles – The most incredible chateau and close to three European Top 100 golf courses

Loire Valley – excellent golf in the Valley of the Kings

Bordeaux – superior golf, fine wine and history dating back to the Romans


WaterlooJune 2015 sees the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. 

GolfPlanet Holidays have put together a four night package featuring three rounds of great golf, the day-long re-enactment of the battle, a Welcome Dinner and four nights at a four-star hotel just a few minutes’ drive from the field of battle. 

5,000 re-enactors, 300 horses and 100 canons will give you the opportunity to experience the final episode and the most famous battle of the Napoleonic era. You will enjoy a guaranteed seat in the stands, special rates for access to the museums and tickets to the sound and light show.


Costa del Sol West – beautiful golf within easy access of medieval Andalusia cities such as Cadiz, Seville and Granada


Most would agree that Italy has perhaps the greatest “modern” history and culture on offer…The Romans!   Their empire covered most of Europe as we know. From coliseums to millennia old walkways, are all on show throughout Italy.  And then there’s Venice, Florence and Sienna which bring you to luxurious hotels and golf courses. 


For thousands of years, Morocco has been the stepping stone for Europeans to venture into Arabia and Africa.  A country steeped in history and culture, Morocco offers outstanding natural beauty and proudly displays its “hand made by experts” heritage and fabulous royal gardens and castles.


The beautiful lakeside resort of Bled offers a European Top 100 golf course, fine hotels, ancient churches and folklore of wild beasts and undying love.  A genteel golf and culture holiday.


Cancun has been known as a sunshine resort for over 20 years and the quality of golf and hotels is now very impressive.   And inland from Cancun, you can visit ancient Mayan temples and lucious rain forests.


If you’re fascinated by the Knights Templar, Malta is the place for you.   With buildings, ramparts and ports virtually unchanged since medieval times, Malta offers a step back in time with sunshine and beautiful gardens to enjoy too.