Oman Golf Holidays

Approximately the size of the United Kingdom, Oman’s unique story reveals examples of great heroism, maritime skills and scholarship during its struggles against Persia. As long ago as 1970, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Crowning Glory of Oman, inaugurated the renaissance and modern age of Oman. And now golf is on the agenda…

Oman occupies the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and overlooks the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea…Next stop (5000 miles south-east) is Australia! Oman enjoys 365 days of warm sunshine, with cooler evenings and occasional showers in the months between November and March. Although lying in the tropics, the Sultanate is subject to seasonal changes with winter temperatures as low as 18°C  and summer temperatures as high as 45 C.

Oman Golf Breaks

Oman’s history means that there an unprecedented number of UNESCO-classified World Heritage Sites to admire.  Sites include Bat — with its tombs dating back 3,000 years, the Fort of Bahla, Nakhl, Jabreen Castle, Nizwa  and Al Hazm are all worth a tour.  You should also take in the fascinating Frankincense Route. Oman also has a great sea-faring tradition, as one would expect from a country with 2000 miles of coastline!

Although Oman is new on the tourism scene, Omanis are very hospitable people and crime is extremely rare.


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    Al Alam Palace, Muscat Golf Holidays

    Muscat Golf Holidays

    Muscat is the capital of Oman. Known since the second century AD, it is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East and the largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. Muscat's main income comes from trade with exports on dates, mother of pearl, frankincense and fish. Oman is also a rich country thanks to its petroleum exports. …

Oman Golf Breaks

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Oman Golf Breaks