Australia Golf Holidays

Australia Golf Holidays are an adventure – some of the world’s great golf courses mingled with spectacular sights, energising cities and an ever-increasing reputation for its “around the world” food and fine wines. Escape from the winter chill and land in summer sunshine!

Australia Golf Breaks

It’s no wonder Australian golfers are among the world’s best, for the choice is staggering and the weather is ideal all-year-round.  Our Australia Golf Breaks are waiting for you!

  • Tasmania Golf Holidays

    Tasmania Golf Holidays

    Come to our Tasmania Golf Holidays and enjoy the fun and sun of the Australian Climate.  There's an otherworldly quality to Tasmania, the island where you can experience a gothic landscape of rain clouds and brooding mountains and take pleasure in the heavily-wooded wilderness. For lovers of the outdoors, it is a remarkable source of …

  • Victoria Golf Holidays

    Beacon Hill Golf Course, Victoria Golf Holidays

    Victoria Golf Holidays

    Come to the land named after Queen Victoria.  Our Victoria Golf Holidays will whisk you away to another world.  A world of beaches, sunshine and golf!  With a wide selection of luxury hotels and golf couses, we can tailor make your dream Golf Holiday. 

    Victoria Golf Breaks

    With Australia's wide open …

  • Queensland Golf Holidays

    Brookwater Golf Club, Queensland Golf Breaks

    Queensland Golf Holidays

    Blue skies and the warm blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef can be found in Queensland. Play golf by day and sip wine by the beach at sunset. Our Queendsland Golf Holidays are ready for you!

    Queensland Golf Breaks

    With the wide open spaces of Australia and Pacific Opean sunshine, our Queensland Golf Breaks are your …

  • New South Wales Golf Holidays

    Vintage Golf Club, New South Wales Golf Holidays

    New South Wales Golf Holidays

    The glorious seas of the Pacific Ocean welcome you to our New South Wales Golf Holidays.  Explore the Australian wilderness of settle youself into one of our luxurious Sydney hotels.  Play golf by day and sip champagne by sunset, out New South Wales Golf Holidays are ready for you!

    New South Wales Golf …

  • South Australia Golf Holidays

    Links Golf, Lady Bay, South Australia Golf Holidays

    South Australia Golf Holidays

    Experience the warm climate of South  Austrlia. With weather similar to the Mediterranean, enjoy the seaside lifestyle in Australia, with your South Australia Golf Holidays.

    South Australia Golf Breaks

    Take the challenge and step upto the Royal Adelaide, with our South Australia Golf Breaks.  Beware of …

Australia Golf Holidays

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