French Golf Holidays

All Inclusive French Golf Holidays

Home to original demi-pension package (half-board) where hotel residents would have a continental breakfast and the plat du jour for dinner.  Lunch would either be a baguette or at a local brasserie.  Millions of French holidayed only in the month of August and hotels would sometimes just open for this one month of the year and have kitchens teaming with Chefs and discerning clients wanting the best food every day at easy-to-digest prices.

French Golf Trips

These days, many French hotels offer the dinner option and some also feature a lunch menu too but it’s quite rare as most tourists enjoy the flexibility of exploring and eating out.  However, we can offer breakfast, lunch and dinner (full-board or “pension complet”) on request so just ask.  Alternatively, we can recommend and reserve restaurants for you.  One thing we can’t do is offer a fully All-Inclusive package but we can do golf holidays in France with three meals and wine included!